Cake Matrix Pricing Tool

There are a number of cake matrix tools available, many designed by bakers and cake decorators who want to access the cost to producing their baked goods. The cake matrix that is offered was created by a baker who is no longer in the business. A number of bakers have adapted the tool to suit their needs or used it as is. There is a PowerPoint presentation that accompanies the cake matrix to provide clarity on how it should be used.

Unfortunately, just having the pricing tool is not always enough. It should be stressed that every baker should also address those overhead costs, e.g. lights, heat, air, gas,   maintenance and upkeep of baking equipment etc.Few food entrepreneurs know that when pricing a product all variables that will impact the cost of the product, even the paper towel need to be considered.  Mostly bakers just want to wing it! They think they can either bring the price up or take it down at will. Not so. It is imperative that you have a structured effective strategy for pricing your products and figuring how much it will cost you to produce your baked goods. One rule of thumb is that if you think you are not getting enough for  your baked goods, you’re probably not!

Download Cake Matrix Pricing Tool Directions

Download Cake Matrix Pricing Tool