South Dakota

Cottage Food House Bill 1240 was signed into law on March 18, 2011 by South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard. The following information about the cottage foods law can be found on the Office of Health Protection site, http://doh.sd.gov/HealthProtection/.         South Dakota Requirements for the Sale of Baked Goods and Home-canned Processed Foods at Farmers Markets Drying Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs: General Safe Food Handling Recommendations Frequently Asked Questions: South Dakota Requirements for Sale of Baked Goods and Home-processed Canned Foods under “The Home-Processed Foods Law,” South Dakota Codified Law 34-18-34 through 34-18-37 Food sampling requirements  

British Columbia – Baking from home

Home-based bakers and home food processors residing in British Columbia should contact the Public Health Protection office for your area. For contact information, bakers may wish to contact the Provincial Health and Seniors’ Information Line of the Ministry of Health, as they should be able to assist you in learning about home food processing rules and regulations.


Wisconsin Cottage Food Law

The state of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Procection reports that, “Food business startups can be complicated. The most basic statement we can make is that you cannot operate a food business out of your home kitchen. (There is a very narrow exception for home-canned acidified foods if your sales are $5,000 a year or less.) We will be adding information here in the near future to help startup food businesses.   You can find the food safety inspector for your area in this list. Look for the county, and then the township, where your business would be located.” Read more


West Viriginia Cottage Food Law

West Virginia has a Cottage Law which allows its citizens to operate a home based bakery or food processing business, but you are limited to selling your products at state approved Farmers Markets. For details contact the West Virginia University Extension Service and review the West Virginia Farmers Market Vendors Guide