Is it time to move from idea to action? Have you ever thought of selling your homemade baked goods? Do you make fabulous brownies, mouthwatering cupcakes or delicious pies? States across the nation have been passing cottage food laws and rules allowing bakers and food crafters the opportunity to bake from home and sell those homemade baked goods. Home based baking is a great way for bakers to sell those products family and friends have raved over. is a website for aspiring bakers who want to share their delicious baked goods with their community and make extra money. You will find the advice and resources needed to take your products from kitchen to market. Browse and learn about the wonderful world of home based baking.



Bakers work long hours and home based baking is not for the faint of heart; like any home based business, you must practice good time management, know your target market, select a product that your customers want and more. provides information sharing which states have cottage food regulations, selecting great packaging, labels and using sensible marketing strategies; along with purchasing liability insurance, pricing your product and selling online. Do you want to test your products and learn how to sell at your local farmer’s market or food co-op? Visit and learn how to sell your specialty baked goods. 

How to Use This Site

cookies has four invaluable categories that will help you plan your home based bakery business. Start with Rules and Regulations to learn if your state allows baking from home for profit. Visit Planning and start drafting your business plan. It is important that you learn what is involved in operating a home bakery. Browse through Recipe Development, having a winning recipe is essential to your bakery success; and check out Marketing and Advertising since you will not go far if you are not able to get the word out about your baked goods. Don’t forget to purchase a copy of How to Start a Home-Based Bakery Business, the idea guide to building your home bakery business.